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Manual resuscitators (adult)

Мешок дыхательный для ручной ИВЛ (взрослый)
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Manual artificial respirating units ADR-MP-V, ADR-MP-D, ADR-MP-N and manual resuscitators КD-МP-V, КD-МP-D, КD-МP-N.

Technical characteristics
  • Volume of inspired gas, ml, not less than900
  • Capacity of ventilation bag, ml1650±200
  • Capacity of reservoir bag ml2600
  • Minute ventilation, l/min31
  • Pressure limitation in breathing circuit, hPa55±15
  • Resistance to inspiration, hPa5
  • Resistance to expiration, hPa2
  • Gas leak at pressure 30hPa, l/min, not more than0,5
  • Overall dimensions, mm (in a cover bag)350х140х200
  • Weight, kg0,9
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